“What I’ve Read” List – 2019

As a bit of a fervent reader, I try to set a goal each year for the number of books I’d like to read. For the past 5 or 6 years the types of books that made up my reading lists were selected with the intention of expanding my technical acumen. I’ve always enjoyed fiction, (especially mysteries — I’m English after-all), but they’ve recently taken a back seat to the deeply technical material.

With my transition away from holding a purely technical role to a role more focussed on architecture and strategy, I’ve tried to re-centre the types of books devoting my attention to. In addition, having a toddler at home gives you a bit less free time which you can dedicate to reading; therefore, I have an increased need to be purposeful with the types of material I pick up. The intention of my more balanced reading list is to broaden my horizons and round out my skill-set with topics like business, leadership, along with some more fiction.

One of the things I’ve learned as a new parent is that you have to take every opportunity, however small, to be productive, so some of these books I consumed as an audiobook — the morning commute can be great way to start the day productively.

At the recommendation of a close friend, I’ve decided to document the books I’ve read within the last year. My very modest goal for 2019 was to simply complete one book per month, or twelve books total, so the list is as follows:

“What I’ve Read” List – 2019
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